Never satisfied

Day number two in the city of Brotherly Love without seeing the bright sunshine. Its alright because you know God always finds a way to brighten up our days! I’m still beaming myself off of a discovery I was led to yesterday.
Each morning, I am blessed by what I receive in my phone with an inspirational message via bbm and via email. There is always a message there that gets my day going and allows me to give you all the heart of me. Yesterday was one those days where the words jumped off the page and spoke to me. This is what I saw:

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.
— Hebrews 6:10

“Good morning. A wise man once said.. “Its pretty hard to tell what brings real happiness,, poverty and vast wealth have both failed.”

God is Love
Rev Run
Read more at Run’s Words of Wisdom at

Immediately I thought about the fact that someone dear to my heart came to me the day before broken, defeated and troubled to most deepest parts of their being. They were frustrated yet numb from the struggles and pain that life had been inflicting upon them no matter how hard they tried to make it and since I was in my own bag fighting those same unproductive spirits that day, I was speechless. I felt their pain because I too felt helpless and angry, torn and confused wanting to ask God, “ok you see I’m trying here, why won’t you help!?” Well, God answered that next morning with that verse and quote above.
We spend too much time focusing on our own strength and might and abilities. When we finally decide that we are going to recognize God’s power to do ALL things, that money can’t fix it (though it seems like it), that running can’t fix it, that hiding from our issues can’t fix it, that ignoring our problems can’t change them, then God can come in like the all powerful God He is and do something so unbelievable that our lives will be forever changed. We must stop thinking so small when we have a colossal God leading the way, if we let him. When we continue to try to get things done our way or the way our limited mind believes its possible or not possible, we will never be satisfied.

Remember, life is not perfect, it is purposed for……… GREATNESS!!

With Love From,

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