The Gospel According to you: How are you writing your story?

“Pancakes!” All I have to do is shout that through my house and my children sound like two baby elephants stampeding. I promise you the light fixtures even shake! Little do they know there is a method to my breakfast madness. One it gets them to sit down, two it stuffs them and three it makes them tired lol.

Pancakes take time to eat as well so it leaves room for conversations to build. During our breakfast chat, my son and daughter were having a usual healthy debate about their topic of the day (there’s a new one every day. They really need a reality show!). Today’s topic: Nia being a chef. She proclaimed that she has a cooking show as she cut up her pancakes (it was with a butter knife, relax people). Her brother insisted on informing her that she does not have a show and as I reentered the convo I told my son, “she can have whatever she wants and do what ever she believes she can. We don’t do that in here. We don’t tell others what they can’t do, right?” His response, “You’re right mom.”

This made me think, who is building our narrative? When I think about Jesus’ life it’s interpreted by four disciples, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each man tells the story the way he recalls as it inspired by God. if someone dictated your story what would it say? Let’s take it a step further, if you didn’t like what they had to say how would you respond?

Let’s face it. We all have a past. However our job is to learn from it and grow into a better person However sometimes we get lost in the translations of what others believe we can and can’t do and we also even worse look at our past mistakes as an indicator of what we can’t do in our future. You then tell the gospel of your lives according to you and not according to what God has proclaimed as your purpose. Stop trying to RE-write what God has already done. Yeah you’ve messed up in the past. Yeah you’ve let depression get the best of you but what will you do now? You’ve accepted less than or didn’t do your best in the past maybe even earlier today but what will you do now? That air in those lungs says you get another chance my love. Those steps you took, even if your body is riddled with pain, were steps someone else wish they could take or maybe you used to wish you could take but now you can! That place that you and/or child(ren) may live may not be your ideal circumstance but you CAN change it with faith, hope and hard work. Day by day building a new life.

As for me, yes I have a past, a difficult one and sometimes the remnants of it try to sneak into my life and wreak havoc and make me feel like I’m not good enough or strong enough. However, I take those same things daily and work on becoming the better version of me. I’m my only competition. As a dear friend says to me when I’m down, “EVERYTHING CONTRARY TO WHAT GOD SAYS ABOUT YOU IS A LIE.” That helps me to always remember that my true narrative, I matter my temporary and current circumstances are full of hope and prosperity.

What will you do to change the narrative you play in your mind today?

Remember, life is not perfect, it’s purposed for GREATNESS!!!

With Love From,


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