Take Care

Good morning my loves! Happy Tuesday! I hope this finds you well wherever you are. This morning I found myself in a typical mom struggle. Many of us are familiar with this especially if your child or children have begun their descent into the treacherous territory of…dare I say it….puberty. *rolls eyes and shakes head*. If you have a boy, God bless you for I do as well. We are in this together!

This morning, per the norm, my now 12 almost 13 year old (wow, I started this blog when he was 2), seems to neglect one super important rule that I say EACH morning, “Brush your HAIR.” Now, let me tell you why that’s super important. We are black folks over here with some super thick hair and with one false move with our hair we could tow the line between looking neat and polished or like it was something that’s been neglected for ages. So this morning I gave him a subtle threat, “Either brush your hair or I’m telling the barber to make you bald on Thursday!” His reply, “Mom! noooo!! I like my hair!” Now, due to the historical significance of us black folks hating our hair I was elated to hear that but he wasn’t off the hook yet! I replied, “Well people that like what they have take care of it! They treated with love, they take care of it, they pay attention to it…” In that moment I stopped because they was the message of the day. Do we take the time to care for what we have? Or do we neglect it because we are so used to it being there?

We all have gifts and talents and possessions. Things that we hold dear. We have relationships and friendships and marriages that we say matter to us. However how much time and effort and care and attention do we put into those things? Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce and I think it’s safe to say that it’s due to neglect of some sort. Friends drift apart because of lack of communication. Dreams die over time because we stop believing and paying attention and nurturing our abilities. Our performance in our careers begins to wane because we stop developing ourselves and our skills. Our mental health suffers because we don’t give it nearly the amount of attention we give our physical health but we need it to survive however most of just suffer in silence and shame. Most importantly our connection to God and our closeness to Him starts to wither away because we treat Him like the dusty toy or trophy on the shelf that we think will just sit there and wait for us to return to it. Thank God that He doesn’t treat us this way.

I urge us all today to take inventory. It could be something as small as developing a hair care regimen (like my child) to put more effort into caring for your appearance. It could be making an appointment with a doctor or a therapist to just talk about what’s weighing you down or has you stressed. It could looking online for career development opportunities in spite of your fears and/or reservations. It could be sending your friend or mate some flowers or note just to tell them they matter to you. Here’s a deep one…it could be you deciding today that YOU MATTER TO YOU. Find out today if you truly matter to you. Don’t focus on your flaws, your wrong turns, your past hang ups. In this moment put one foot in front of the other and say, “Hey, I love me. I deserve the best and I am going to be the best version of me I can be and that starts with…..” you fill in the blank. Don’t neglect you, baby. Not one more day. You only get one you and you only get one life. Time to give it and you your all. And watch, all of those other areas of neglect with rise in important and life, career and relationships will blossom before your very eyes.

Love you!

Remember, life is not perfect it’s purposed, for GREATNESS!

With love from,


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