The Forgotten….Let’s help them

Get your copy of “With Love From Nina: Volume One, Love Note Edition”

I never thought that the day would arrive where I would feel helpless. When it did arrive, I never imagined that it would repeat itself so many times. Never did I think that the county assistance office would become a regular staple for several years of my life as I continuously experienced severe highs and lows. Never did I think that I would have several cars repossessed. Never did I think I would lose my good health, my job and my mind more than once and have to move back to the safety of my parents home to have a healthy and supportive place to heal and piece my life back together. Never did I think I’d live in one room with my kids sometimes not sleeping while I watched them sleep and prayed that I’d catch a break somehow and things would get better. Never did I think I’d be a divorcee and have to look at my heart in a billion pieces on the floor and stare into space each day feeling like a failure as a wife and also as a mother. Never did I ever think that I would struggle so much spiritually & religiously, bound by my past trauma and people’s opinions causing me to live in fear of simply putting one foot in front of the other and living my truth. For several years this was my state. Constantly tossed and driven between hardships, illnesses, frustrations, heartbreak and failures. Little did I know that there was a mission that would bloom from my misery.

In this storm a new me was being born. In the mud there was a lotus flower blooming amid all of the muck and mud. Through the blinding tears I found purpose and began to see my way by Allah’s (God’s) permission and mercy. Though I walked away from God many times, he never ever took his eyes off of me. Because Allah saw the bigger picture, there was a woman warrior budding and growing. Then one day I finally realized who and what I was and who I am. I am a HOPE DEALER. A Hope Dealer is someone who knows that they simply must answer the call to give light in the dark. They must believe that the called are not perfect they just have to be willing to be present and answer when call is given. They must believe that all of their skeletons can be turned to dust as if they never were. They must believe in HOPE.

Unfortunately, there are a group of women that I call the forgotten. I had the pleasure of meeting some of these amazing heroes while visiting a shelter in Philadelphia in 2016. They gave me more hope and possessed more humility and drive than any women I’ve ever met. There are over 1500 plus shelters just like this one across the U.S. and I want to help give them what God gave me when I decided not to commit suicide in 2014…..HOPE. By purchasing an autographed copy of the re-release of ” With Love From Nina: Volume One, The Love Note Edition” (click to purchase) you will be helping me raise funds to donate to women’s shelters in the United States and provide other needs and toiletries and copies of my book to them. I also hope that you can join as I visit them to tell my story and hear their and also come up with strategies, resources and solutions that can help them rise from the ashes and soar above whatever befell them in their past. Help me to help them to see that there are countless people cheering them on as they piece their lives back together and they are in fact NOT FORGOTTEN.

Thank you my loves for taking the time to read this. You and your family and friends can buy these in bulk or individual copies. You can also buy a copy to have it donated to a woman in need. Each month my goal is to see a minimum of 2500 copies. Please share this with everyone you love and if you know a woman or shelter in need please have them email me at

Remember, life is not perfect, it’s purposed…………..for GREATNESS.

With Love From,


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