Waiting to Bloom: Understanding God’s timing

Hello loves! It’s raining like CRAZY in Atlanta! I guess God is watering the plants and flowers to make sure everything blooms beautifully! However, it’s so easy to complain about rain, isn’t it? The downpour, the puddles, the bad traffic and accidents, the drivers who you wish stayed home that day *rolls eyes*, the wet clothes and if it’s windy you are pretty much wishing that YOU stayed home for the day!

While driving to the doctors today it dawned on me that it’s been raining for at least 4 days here! For a minute I almost caught myself about to complain but I decided to listen to one of favorite teachers, Yasmin Mogahed, and that cooled me out :). On my way home, I was talking to one of my besties about obedience and sacrifice to God. She shared with me that a dear mentor/mother-figure of hers felt like the advice she was giving my friend in the past wasn’t getting through because my friend seemingly wasn’t changing and making the healthy adjustments the way the mentor thought she should. The mentor remained loving, kind and loyal but to no avail her circumstances and behavior seemingly remained the same. Her response to her mentor was, “I was listening, I just had to change in my own time.” Little did the mentor know, what she was pouring into her and the loving manner in which she was doing it was working slowly but it wasn’t available to her sight just yet. It was in that moment that Allah put these words in my heart, “Just because you don’t see the flower blooming yet doesn’t mean you watering it isn’t working.”

Often times we get discouraged by not seeing the fruits of something bloom that we’ve vested our time and energy into. We think about the hours, months, days and even years we’ve put it wondering when will the change come. We forget that Allah (God) has his own methods and timing. Our job is to just be obedient and plant the seed then water the soil and do it with love and prayer. We don’t know when the blessing will bloom. Our job is to have faith and activate that faith with actions that tells Allah (God) we believe in Him and we trust Him.

So, my love, get out that water hose (your faith and actions) and keep watering those plants and watch them bloom. Letting something or someone develop and grow or even heal (even yourself) is a process that happens in Allah’s timing, not in our own. The beauty that will bloom will be much more magnificent that anything you could ever create.

Remember, life is not perfect, it’s purposed for GREATNESS!

With Love From,


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