Who is Nina?


I serve a mean side eye, don’t I? Lol. Don’t let it scare you! Come on in! I don’t bite, I promise.

Well, well, well. So you wanted to know more huh? Great! Welcome, my love! I say the best way to connect and relate to someone is to be nosy! LOL. I’m a mom which also makes me an octopus, a nurse, a beautician, a therapist, a scary monster killer, a cartoon connoisseur, a chef that makes a mean batch of fried chicken and a magician. This is not debatable *insert smile here*. I’m a daughter which makes me a chauffeur, a sounding board, a technology tutor to help them navigate this here fancy internet, a dance and sing along partner and since I’m the youngest of 4 a bit of a stubborn brat (one of my siblings especially will be elated to read this.) I am a divorcee which makes me an expert on what NOT to do in a marriage. The end.

I am a Women’s Wellness Warrior (sounds like a wrestler huh), this means I use my platform to help the world see the value that lies within the wonder that God created called WOMEN and to help them create wellness: mind, body heart and soul. We take care of the entire world but somehow STILL neglect ourselves, our dreams, our needs, wants and hopes. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to throw my hat and heart in the ring and join the countless other womeneurs and momprenuers and help my fellow womankind piece their lives back together, regain their strength after divorce, untreated trauma, personal and emotional loss, etc. and do it with sass and style. ety) I am transparent as hell thus how this bomb blog was born in 2008. I write and share so that others can look at me and the world around them and know two things: 1. There is a GOD! I’m living proof! 2. You are not ALONE. Right now there is a woman and/or mom who can’t find her shoe, has a husband or boyfriend asking, “honey where are my keys?”, a kid or multiple kids ignoring their every command, bags under her eyes, with an unzipped pencil skirt or dress, an empty stomach longing for coffee wishing for 5pm and it’s only 7:30am. There is a woman somewhere who has just lost everything, notices are piling up in her mailbox/inbox, they’ve repossessed her car or are looking for it, the refrigerator is empty and so is her bank account but her face is full of tears. If either of these apply to you with some variance of sorts please know… you aren’t the only one. Trust me though, you’re in great company! You WILL get through it. How do I know? Because I’ve been that woman/mother on more than one occasion. Having to put my tail between my legs and start over, time after time. Until I realized that I have more strength, power and purpose than I could ever imagine and if I tap into I could create the life I deserve and desire for myself and my children. Is my life perfect? NOPE. It shouldn’t be. Imperfection reveal lessons that you may not otherwise learn. So now I write. I write to give the hopeless mom and/or woman who feels broken a glimmer of light in the dark place she’s in and show her how to find her own light. My stories will make you laugh, cry and think with each read and change each day, each week for the better. I cultivate performances and merchandise and create social media content that gives way to reflection and healing and new perspectives on life and love and the power of purpose. When you encounter me, you’ll leave from my page or my company full of laughs, some tears;some from the laughs and some from your own insight; and full of fire and the resolve to knock your obstacles on their a** and take your life by storm no matter what your imperfections are!

So, if you’d like to book me for an event or you’d like to know more you can do two things: send me an email with your eloquent inquiry to info@withlovefromnina.com and/or follow this awesome blog you just found!

With Love From,


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