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“With Love From Nina: Volume One, Love Note Edition by Nina Blaylock

What does a new mom and wife do when she realizes she feels helpless and hopeless with no one who understands this new journey ahead of her all while battling an unresolved past? That question is enough to jar anyone, as it did me, at 28. While at work one morning whining about my job, disolutioned about my present, trying to not become about my present, trying to not become consumed by all of the hauntings of my past all while trying to cultivate a better future, I sat frozen at the desk. I needed an outlet. I needed an open space to let my ideas, hurts, truths, triumphs, lessons, experiences and dreams live and breathe. Due to my tech savvy ex-spouse’s knowledge of all things contained on this here fancy internet where we all began to over share our lives, I realized it was time to give my words wings because I knew deep down my words could heal myself and others. It was time to tell fear to kick rocks and bring the stories, around me and in me, to life. Thus was born. In honor of 10 years of hope dealin’ it was a must that I release a special edition of the first book and entitle it, “The Love Note Edition”. Here’s your chance, my love, on these blank pages after each story, to let those words fly from your heart and mind, onto the page and experience the sweet release that comes from bringing what’s inside of you out. Through this experience, you’ll discover the Hope Dealer in YOU.

A portion of each purchase goes to the iHope Fund which is designated to aid women and girls in restoring hope in their lives by giving them a helping hand through the generosity of Hope Dealers like YOU. Click here to find out out more about the #10KtogetherChallenge that is purposed to provide the financial resources to make the iHope Fund a success.

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