It Will Rain

Hey loves! Over the past several weeks beautiful Atlanta, Ga has received some crazy downpours. My children have been rushing to my bedroom just to watch the minnie ponds form in the streets and flow by our front door. As they’ve sat in amazement and wonder, the nerd in me because to wonder, “Is there anywhere on Earth that is doesn’t ever rain?”
While lying in bed the other night (after finally being able to stop my racing brain) I remembered that I never officially looked up the answer. The answer is NO. Even though there is a desert in South America that experiences roughly 0.6 inches of rain on average there isn’t a single place that doesn’t know what rainfall feels like. This reminded of the Kelly Price song, “It Will Rain”. Just the chorus lyrics alone are a testament to life itself. It’s GOING to rain. Things WILL happen. You can’t escape it and you can’t avoid it. The question is, what will you do when it does? Will you try to prepare as best as you can and weather the storms that come or will you allow the storms to keep you inside living in fear?
I know some of you are wondering what in the heck happened to my blog? Why haven’t I been writing? Well, the storms happened and I stayed inside. I didn’t want to face them. I was too tired and too tired of being tired to push ahead. Then Allah sent person after person to remind me of my gifts and I was reminded that no storm can beat out my purpose. How was I able to go from hiding and being depressed to writing these very words? I’ll tell you 3 tips:

  1. Make sure you have a bomb tribe. You must have a circle that can support you, push you, tell you about yourself and love you out of your hole or cave that you’ve retreated to when life gets to be too much.
  2. Be real about what you’re feeling! So you can address it! Depression and anxiety wins because of people’s silence not because the illnesses are stronger. Nothing is stronger than human resilience and might.
  3. Find your faith. Yeah some people think their faith is in tact until it’s tested and when it gets tested they lose it because they can’t fathom the level of hardships that they are experiencing. God designed that obstacle course to get you to the best version of you. Go reclaim your walk with the Creator and stabilize it so that He can sustain and stabilize you. Put Him at the helm of your heart and let him steer you into a place of peace so that even when storms hit, you are built to withstand them.

I’m living proof that these tips work because if I weren’t, I wouldn’t be able to write this to you right now! Change your perspective on the storm and go dance in the rain. That’s true joy. When you can smile, live and breathe one moment at a time in spite of it all.
I hope today you dance in it and let it wash away all of the old parts of you and the storm let’s the true you emerge and you can see how strong and powerful you really are.

With Love From,

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